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Robert Steven Rhine is the Founder/Publisher and Deaditor-In-Chief of Girls and Corpses Magazine, which began as a popular website for two years before growing to a newsstand magazine distributed by both Ingram and Diamond and sold all over the world. Click here to shop at Rhine's Corpsemart.

Girls and Corpses magazine led to film producing horror films and Rhine is credited as Executive Producer on Rob Zombie’s ’31’ and Chad Ferrin’s The Chair. He is also Co-Producer of You Found Me. The Girls and Corpses Presents label with TomCat Films and have released two films under the label so far: Blood Rites and The Meat Puppet. Watch Girls and Corpses Presents trailer (with horror hosts Corpsy and Tera Patrick..

Rhine has sold fiction to over one hundred magazines and the published anthologies: Bram Stoker Winner: "DARK DELICACIES," (Carroll & Graf) alongside Ray Bradbury and Clive Barker...

In 2005, R.S. Rhine won first prize in the WORLD HORROR CON Dark Fiction Contest for his story "Propeller Boy." The story will be published in Cemetery Dance Magazine. Rhine also received the prestigious HERMAN M. SWAFFORD Fiction Award for his story "Andros" in 1997.

photo by Albert L. Ortega
Robert Steven Rhine's first fiction collection, "MY BRAIN ESCAPES ME," (Sun Dog Press) was heralded by PUBLISHERS WEEKLY as "a successful mix of humor and horror." METRO LONDON was, "fascinated with the blurred boundary between reality and the darkest recesses of imagination... doused in gallons of acid black humor." Famed writer WILLIAM F. NOLAN (author "Logan's Run" and other 60 books) called Rhine a "bold new writer with powerhouse ideas and the talent to bring them to life." And EON MAGAZINE said, "Horrifying yet unbelievably compelling. You may close the book, but the memory of Rhine's words will linger."

As a filmmaker, Rhine wrote, produced and starred in the 35mm filmed pilot, "VINNIE & ANGELA'S BEAUTY SALON AND FUNERAL PARLOR," Grand Prize Winner (Gold Cineman) at the Australian International Film Festival and winner at Worldfest Houston. The film sold in 2001 to UNIVERSAL's HYPNOTIC FILMS. Rhine also wrote, produced, directed and starred in the epic/cult/satire "ROAD LAWYERS AND OTHER BRIEFS," winner at the Chicago, New York, Houston and Australian film fests (distributed by A.I.P.).

Rhine's animated series pilot SICKCOM, which Rhine wrote and directed (animated by partner Frank Forte) was bought by SPIKE & MIKE'S SICK and TWISTED FESTIVAL OF ANIMATION and premiered at Comic-Con San Diego for an audience of over a thousand. The dark comedy series, about a serial killer's home life, was included on SPIKE & MIKE's DVD "Unprotected" and toured animation festivals around the world.

R.S. Rhine began working in comic books as a contributing staff writer for Cracked Magazine and Insidious Tales. Rhine's first solo comic book, "SELECTED READING FROM SATAN'S POWDER ROOM" (Asylum Press) quickly sold out and was followed up by a second helping titled "CHICKEN SOUP FOR SATAN," also distributed by Diamond. Producer Alan Katz (HBO's "Tales From The Crypt") commented, "Gross putrid and downright offensive. Higher praise just doesn't exist!" A third comic book in the series, "SATAN GONE WILD," premiered in New Orleans on Halloween 2004 and also sold out. The success of these "humorr-ific" comic books led to Rhine's 278 page, color graphic novel "SATAN'S 3 RING CIRCUS OF HELL." Forty-three of the top horror artists in the world (such as William Stout and Tim Vigil, Hilary Barta and Alan M. Clark) contributed to the book, illustrating over forty twisted Rhine tales.

Before becoming a full time fiction, screenplay and comic book writer, Rhine freelanced for a decade as a unit publicist for Universal Studios, TriStar/Columbia, Dreamworks and Imagine Entertainment on such features as: The Craft, Mousehunt, Hush, Tremors, Problem Child, Double-Team and Toy Soldiers, amongst others. He's worked as an entertainment publicist, book publicist, film advertising copywriter, segment producer for PM Magazine and also worked for CNN.

2006 DIY Book Awards For "BEST ANTHOLOGY" for "Satan's 3-Ring Circus of Hell"

While writing, Rhine freelanced for ten years as a unit publicist for Universal Studios, TriStar/Columbia, Dreamworks and Imagine Entertainment on such features as: The Craft, Mousehunt, Hush, Tremors, Problem Child, Double-Team, Toy Soldiers, amongst others. He's worked as an entertainment publicist, book publicist and film advertising copywriter for B.D. Fox and Friends and Robert U. Brown & Associates. He was a segment producer for PM magazine and worked for CNN.

As an actor, Rhine’s credits include: Parasites, The Chair, Frankenstein Created Bikers, You Found Me, Aliens VS Titanic, Angel of Darkness, The Orphan Killer 2, Bad Ass Bugs, Dracula’s Sorority Sisters, Nazi Dawn, Hells Kitty, Terror Toons 3, Arise of The Snake Woman, Disaster Wars, Strangely in Love, Fast Track, Submission, Room 33, Waiting, Porn Shoot Massacre, Dominque’s Game, Vinnie and Angels, Atomic Blue and others. He portrayed Rod Serling for director Joe Dante’s “Twilight Zone - Tower of Terror" ride at Disney, Orlando Florida. Click here to see Rhine in the Twilight Zone.

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