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"Just sit right back and you'll get some tail..."
Corpsy Visits "This Ain't Gilligan's Island XXX"

So, we know you have pondered if Gilligan, Maryann and Ginger, on the island all those years, ever got it on. How about the Professor and Maryann? Or the Skipper and Mrs. Howell? Or, Mary Ann and Ginger? Well, Hustler Video has finally answered your dreams with, "This Ain't Gilligan's Island XXX" directed by Anton Slayer.

Corpsy dropped by Hustler Studios and watched as Mary Ann gushed like a dolphin out her blowhole after a vigorous romp between palm trees on the set with well-endowed porn actor, Voodoo. Trust me, this guy ain't no S.S. Minnow. You don't often get to see a girl squirt across the set, but this was the real deal. "My record is seventeen feet" chirped Sindee Jennings, (who plays Mary Ann) complete with pigtails.

The plot for this gonzo TV porn spoof goes: "When an adult film crew arrives on “Gilligan’s” island and discovers the famous castaways, prolific porn director Rob Naughty instructs his talented team to seduce Gilligan and friends and secretly film all of the sizzling, XXX, jungle action.  Will the crew of the S.S. Minnow finally get off the island?  spoiler Alert:  They all “get off.”

But I liked it better how porn vet (of over 3,000 sex scenes) Evan Stone explained it to me, "They all get fucked... and then they all get fucked."

The casting is spot on and the sets are a perfect replica of the TV Show. Hustler also recently produced the porn TV spoofs of "This Ain’t the Partridge Family XXX" and "This Ain’t the Munsters XXX" which wil be out shortly. But I'm betting that "This Ain't Gilligan's Island" could break all Hustler records. I mean, who wouldn't want to see Ginger go down on Mary Ann? Raise your hands. I said your hands.

All this and more... here on... This Ain't Gilligan's Island!

Gilligan: Anthony Rosano
Skipper: Rod Fontana
Ginger: Ryder Skye
Mary Ann: Sindee Jennings
Professor: Jack Lawrence
Mrs. Howell: Darryl Hannah
Mr. Howell: Dick Nasty
Ed: Voodoo
Rick: Evan Stone
Alexxy:  Regan Reese
Rob Naughty: Jason Silver

©2008 (reprinted only with permission of author)

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