What the Press Corpse are saying about Girls and Corpses Magazine:

Our Press Corpsepondant, Walter Crotchtight, interviews Belladonna.

"Reading this magazine is something to die for!" - Amy Fisher (The Long Island Lolita and star of the XXX "Amy Fisher Caught On Tape")

"G & C is wonderful -- it helps me unwind after long wire therapy sesshawnnns!!!!" - Shaye Saint John

Our favorite magazine Girls and Corpses has finally arrived!" - Bizarre Magazine

"Straddling that fine line between brutal tastelessness and hilarious misogyny, Girls and Corpses is very much a throwback to the humor mags of the late ’70s/early ’80s, with a very pointed, sarcastic POV that recalls some of the best issues of National Lampoon. I hope that the might Conde Nast publishing empire will soon be acquiring them!" - Wired Magazine

"Wow -- it looks great!!! I love Girls and Corpses Magazine -- You can't go wrong with hot chicks & the dead!!" XOXO
- Sheri Moon Zombie ("The Devil's Rejects" Rob Zombie's "Halloween")

"The Girls and Corpses site is great!" - Eli Roth, Director of "Hostel 1 & 2" and "Cabin Fever"

"The Necro-Humour Apostle, Robert Steven Rhine... A Jack of all trades whose work is steeped in the blackest of humour." -Rue Morgue Magazine

"What an amazing magazine!" - James Wan (Director "Saw" I, II, III)"

"Laugh? We nearly died!" - Penthouse Magazine

"Possibly the most bizarre magazine in the history of the world." - Reddit

"G&C is a manic cross of The Man Show and Creepshow."- News Of The Dead Click here for full review

"Sigmund Freud once said the world’s two greatest taboos were sex and death. Leave it to award-winning horror writer Robert Steven Rhine to bring them together." - The Naughty American click for full interview

"The comics are crazy, the fake ads are hilarious, the girls are hot, and the corpses are fetid! I also really dig the interviews with Sheri Moon Zombie (adorable), Jim Smith (hilarious), and motherfucking Jorg Buttgereit (genius)! " - John Skipp (Author/creator of Splatter Punk)

" I need to quote Borat by saying one simple word: "Success!" There is nothing I like better than enjoying a good laugh, and I did with Girls and Corpses. I am honestly really looking forward to the next issue. If the printed version of Girls and Corpses really takes off, as I expect it will, when subscriptions become available you can sign this guy up for sure! Congrats guys!" - Full interview

"Girls and Corpses Magazine is a great title to live up (or down) to. Continued good luck with all your endeavors" - John Landis

"How did I not know this magazine existed?" - Mick GarrIs (Exec Prod. Masters of Horror )

"Is it possible that a magazine can get get any better than this? This has got to be my all time favorite rag ever." - Neo Zine click for more:

"Freaky, funky, tongue-in-cheek fusion of lad mags with softcore zombie porn. A slick, hilarious evisceration of innocuous newsstand fare, G&C lures gore freaks and sex nerds alike to caress its glossy pages." - Eros Magazine

"Girls and Corpses puts the FEEL in NECROPHILIA!" - Director Joe Dante

"Hot chicks and horror -- man I love it!" - Chris Gore -- Editor Film Threat Magazine

"I love Girls and Corpses Magazine because it is disturbingly delightful & outstandingly macabre! Take Hot Bitches, Corpses, Sex & Death then throw it in a blender and there you have it! A morbid mindfuck of the highest callibur that's sure to please the necrophile in anyone!" - Gashley Darcane / Red Scream Magazine

"This has to be one of the wierdest yet amazing reads for a long time! More over Bizarre, there's a new freak read in town!" - Devolution Magazine(UK)

"Girls and Corpses is a hilarious bit of satire, taking the scantily clad pseudo-porn of Maxim and Stuff, and taking it way over the line in a brutally comic way. It’s a brilliant parody of that culture, with enough offensiveness and mixed-necro-messages to traumatize any child who would pick it up accidentally. To me, that’s always the mark of a great read. – Bookgasm - For the complete review click here

"I had been looking for a magazine to subscribe to as I let my Juxtapoz subscription drop (I felt it was just too pretentious and a bit of a clusterfuck) and was singing hallelujahs over finally finding the holy grail of magazines!" - Madame Talbot (famed artist)

"Love that mix of hot blooded sex and cold blooded murder" - Rodrigo Gudino, President Rue Morgue Magazine

"The corpses are naked and the girls have to wear bikinis! Whats wrong with you guys?" - Jörg Buttgereit (director "Nekromanik")

"One of the best magazines ever conceived." - Bookgasm - full review

"I absolutely LOVE Girls and Corpses magazine ! It's rare to find an attractive and informative magazine that combines two of my favorite things in life: Girls and Corpses! They simply go together like Oreos and milk !" - Luficer Valentine (Director of "Slaughtered Vomit Dolls")