Robert Steven Rhine is the demented writer behind the Satan comic book series which all began with the demon seed "SELECTED READING FROM SATAN'S POWDER ROOM, featuring illustrations by artists Frank Forte, John Cassaday and Rich Longmore, was released 2002 by Asylum Press/distributed by Diamond.

The comic book was hailed by Comic Buyers Guide as "Good Gory Humor. Not for the faint of heart of weak of stomach."R.S. Rhine's second in the sick series, "CHICKEN SOUP FOR SATAN #1" featuring illustrations by Steven Mannion, Rich Longmore and Jacob Hair, was released June 2003. It also opened to rave reviews and several suicides. "SATAN GONE WILD" is the third in the series and "perhaps the best," says Rhine, of his own work, which features artwork from Hilary Barta, Kevin Colden, Frank Forte, Nenad Gucunja and Aleksandar Sotirovski. Rhine's critically disclaimed book, "My Brain Escapes Me" (Sun Dog Press) forced an intervention as Rhine was tied up, kidnapped and dropped at the back door at The Institute For The Criminally Insane -- where he resides today -- in cell 666. Upcoming, look for Rhine's graphic novel "SATAN's CIRCUS OF HELL." R.S. Rhine is represented by the Writers & Artists agency. Lucky them.

Kevin Colden (illustrator, "Live Nudes") was born in Philadelphia, but got scared and fled to New Jersey at age 20. He now resides in New York City, where he contributes regularly to "House of Twelve" Comics, Manual Comics' "Mauled" series and BIGnews, which features his humor strip "Wally Pfeiffer". In addition, he creates DVDs for the the music industry. He will bite if provoked. www.kevincolden.com
Frank Forte (Satan Gone Wild cover) has worked as a comic book, short story and graphic novel illustrator for the past decade for such houses as Studio Insidio, Boneyard Press, CFD Productions and Cry For Dawn, amongst others. Frank also wrote and illustrated the cult comic hit The Vampire Verses. He partnered with Robert Steven Rhine's and his horror comic anthology series, Selected Reading From Satan's Powder Room.
In 2001, Frank Forte and Robert Steven Rhine formed FrankenRhine Productions, producing films and comic books. Forte and special effects wizard James E. Grevas formed Stagefright Studios, in 1995, a successful company specializing in Horror effects and animatronic props for the Haunted House/Darkride industry. In 1998, Forte launched FantasticTV.com, an entertainment website featuring Forte's web cartoons. Forte worked for Funnybone Interactive for three years, where he was a storyboard/conceptartist and Flash animator. Frank is currently the publisher of Asylum Press, a comic book and graphic novel house dedicated to publishing cutting edge comics, art prints and other graphics. Most recently, Frank is working as an animator on "¯The Li'l Pimp" movie from Revolution Studios, due for release summer of 2003 and also worked on
Hilary Barta ("Private I," & back cover) was born in Chicago. He's still there, lurking. Hilary has inked, drawn, and written comics for far longer than he can remember. He has worked for Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, Bongo, and many other, far seedier publishers. Recently he co-created "Splash Brannigan" with Alan Moore for ABC. Currently his work can be found in Nickelodeon Magazine and Fortean Times. When he isn't working, Hilary enjoys endlessly agonizing over the fact that he isn't working.
Nenad Gucunja (illustrator "The Fungus Among Us" & "Skinned Deep") was born in Osijek, Croati and at then early age of eleven (since every comic book artist fled, imigrated or moved from their home town) Gucunja decided not to be killed in his home town and to become a comic book artist (so he could be killed by people world-wide).
Anyhow, Gucunja fled to Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, where he breathes today and, at the wise age of 22, does various jobs, from tattooing to castrating bulls, working for some domestic funzines, comics, magazines and even illustrating children's books to breaking the heads off chickens and juggling at street fairs. Most of the time he spends with his neurotic mom, who he spends time tattooing in a small shed, very near the vortex of hell. He'll vomit if drunken.
Aleksandar Sotirovski ("Eat Me") was born in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. At age of 22 he decided to move to Skopje, the capital, where the opportunities and challenges are bigger. He lives for work better than he works for living. In the past ten years his style becomes nearly trademark for many domestic publishing houses. Numerous covers for books and interior illustrations for over 100 books (including "The Lord Of The Rings" I-III), comic books, cartoons and picture books prove his variety of interests. Currently he works as a manager of animation company Storyboard Studi.