written, directed, produced and
starring Robert Rhine as Mild Milt

Co-directed by James Desmarais

Also starring: Norman Merrill, Alba Franchesca, Gerry Rand, Frank Fowler, Debra Cunningham and Joe McCord.

Winner at:

- The AFVA Chicago Film Festival

- The Worldfest Houston International Film Festival

- The New York Expo of Short Film and Video

- The Melbourne International Film and Video Festival

"Mad Max move aside for Mild Milt. The year is 2032 and our hero is the lone survivor of the legal wars. The story line is a takeoff on the Road Warrior movies. Milt and a band of disbarred attorneys road the desert in search of the last client in the world and the ultimate fuel to power their office vehicles - coffee. Milt tools around in a large leather office chair. The take-off includes a narrator wih an Australian accent and punk costumes and makeup. Teens and adults familiar with the Mad Max movies will like this satire. The ending is extremely cynical as intended. Having gotten his client impaled and killed on "the bar" (a wicked spike-studded pole), Milt makes a flip comment and goes on his merry way. Attorneys will probably laugh, right up to the ending." - Review from Voya Magazine

"Whomever wrote this was a total genius. Perhaps because I've had experience in the legal field I thought it was very funny. It looks like a Grade B or C movie, but it was so intelligently written that I was rolling on the floor laughing hard. For a lot of you though it might go over your head and you won't be able to understand it. If you have any experience with law, an Ex-Con, Lawyer, Judge, or Prosecutor, you'll find this to be the most hilarious movie you’ve ever seen in your life!” - IMDB

"This compilation of four shorts leads off with the multiple award-winning title piece, a satiric takeoff on Mel Gibson's Mad Max character in The Road Warrior. Following a nuclear holocaust, lawyers cruise the deserted landscape searching not for gas, but caffeine, and trying to turn up clients in this barren wilderness. Confronting each other on the road, they do battle with a deadly barrage of No. 2 pencils. Road Lawyers effectively uses stop animation to propel the Barcalounger-riding lawyers in a good spoof. Highly recommended!" - Library Journal

"A hilarious look at lawyers in a post-apocalyptic world." - Video Hounds

At a boardroom meeting far in the future, a firm of maniacal lawyers sue themselves leading to attorney Armageddon... the end of the known world. Many years later, 2037 L.D, all that remains after the legal battles are lawyers, scouring the desolation, searching for the last client on the planet and... a cup of coffee. MILD MILT, a lone fighter for justice and the legal system, rides his supersonic swivel chair, battling a gang of renegade disbarred attorneys (Caffeina, Clips, Jury and Mugs) while on a quest for the legendary client, NOSH, at a decent deli in Centurian Town known as.... Deli-Beration.