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"Robert Steven Rhine's Brain is a marvelous place to visit, full of wonderful characters hiding in dark corners . . .The kind of book I love to take to bed with me at night."
-Tom Fontana Executive Producer/Creator/Writer: NBC's "Homicide: Life on the Street" and HBO's "OZ"

"Heads up for Robert Steven Rhine! Here's a bold new writer with powerhouse ideas and the talent to bring them to life. From the bizarre glitter of the title story, "My Brain Escapes Me," to the savage reality and deep humanism of his prize-winning "Andros," Rhine fascinates, educates, and entertains. Dive into his world. It's a trip well worth taking."
- William F. Nolan, author of 60 books, including "Logan's Run"

"Horror and humor can be a popular mix, and in My Brain Escapes Me, Robert Steven Rhine presents both in 30 short stories."
- Publishers Weekly

"A late night TV assortment of weirdos, geeks and psychos populate this febrile collection of futuristic horror stories . . . fascinated with the same blurred boundary between reality and the darkest recesses of imagination, these stories would be unpalatable if they weren't doused in gallons of acid black humor." -Metro London

"A collection worth having of a writer bound to go far." -Rod Marsden "Masque Noir/Prohibited Matter" Australia

"Stream of consciousness bursting forth from the highly fertile imagination and off-balance creative mind of Robert Steven Rhine... The collection is kind of like Jeffrey Dahmer eats the Hobbit... horrifying yet unbelievably compelling... You are held spellbound with 'I can't believe I'm reading this stuff' constantly running through your mind... You may close the book, but the memory of Rhine's words will linger... Be prepared to be horrified yet intrigued and certainly never bored. Bet you can't read just one. - Rochelle Blumberg Mothership/Eon Online Magazine

"Any collection that combines warrior hermaphrodites, a psychology student who tries to drive himself insane, human guinea pigs, senile space seniors, and a stressed out employee who does battle with his dress shoes . . . can't be all bad. This is the most horrific fun I've had in a long time." - Del Howison / Dark Delicacies Bookstore

A great collection of horror, Sci-Fi and dark comedy. Robert Steven Rhine has a sick mind and he's not afraid to show it. From this new collection of goods it's obvious that Robert Steven Rhine will be horror's newest rising star!" - Frank Forte Asylum Press

"This is vivid stuff. You will be vastly entertained. Robert Steven Rhine is a name you will not soon forget, nor will his stories leave your mind, ever." -Daniel Waldron' author

Proof that excellent writing and entertainment can co-exist. I bought this book at Borders when I was searching the "literary" racks for something better to read than the horrible mass-produced sludge (Tom Clancy's NetForce, the Left Behind series, most anything written by a best-selling author other than Stephen King) that now clogs the paperback sections. My one complaint is that the book wasn't packaged and marketed for a larger audience. The writing is sharp, fast-paced, and intelligent - as if our best science fiction writers had suddenly decided to write horror. The stories remind me of Richard Matheson at his best. This is the only book I've read this year that didn't immediately strike me as either pretentious (like Fight Club's ill-advised use of "avante-garde" prose stylings or Hannibal's sophomoric sermonizing) or insultingly stupid (like the Left Behind series - oh, the pain!). Maybe Sun Dog will keep this book around and bring it back in an affordable, mass-market edition that can connect with the thousands of readers out there who want something intelligent and entertaining, but who can find neither. - Reviewer: An Amazon reader from oshgoshmigosh