COMIC-CON 2002 UPDATE/NEWS: THANK YOU everyone who joined us at our COMIC-CON 2002 booth! SELECTED READINGS FROM SATAN'S POWDER ROOM comic book was a HUGE SUCCESS!! We sold TONS of comics, t-shirts and merchandise and gave away THOUSANDS of our SATAN's and ASYLUM PRESS stickers. We also would like to thank SATANA, Satan's mistress, who drew eyeballs to our booth and drooling fans, boosting sales even higher on Saturday. This years COMIC-CON was bigger than ever, with nearly SEVENTY THOUSAND in attendance!

Parter at FRANKENRHINE and ASYLUM PRESS, the darkly talented FRANK FORTE, also sold an avalanche of his VAMPIRE VERSES and BILLY BOY comic books! Check out FRANK's SITE at ASYLUM PRESS.COM

Also, special thanks to ALEC GILLIS and TOM WOODRUFF JR. of AMALGAMATED DYNAMICS, double Academy Award winning creature creators, who loaned us their SATAN CREATURE from the movie "BEDAZZALED" for our booth this year. The standing, lighted, SATAN drew many to our booth for photos - even mothers holding up their babies and toddlers for cute snap shots, just like Santa.

Satan also smiles on DARK DELICACIES BOOKSTORE and Del and Sue who provided merchandise that flew like bats out of our booth!! We just wish we had had a few more Devil Duckies to sell - which sold out the first day!

SPIKE and MIKE want "SICKCOM" for their SICK & TWISTED FILM FESTIVAL! After reviewing the flash animation pilot Spike and Mike said they wanted Rhine and Forte's SICKCOM for their traveling festival! We'll keep you posted!

JIM SMITH, founding member of SPUMCO, one of the original creators of REN AND STIMPY, spent much of Sunday with us at our booth and even sketched portraits of R.S. Rhine and Frank Forte. SHANNON WHEELER from TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN also hung with us at our booth as well as DON KRAMER from MARVEL and DC. Director PO-CHIH LEONG ("Wisdom of Crocodile" with Jude Law and "Cabin By The Lake 1 & 2" ) spent two days with us at our booth. We also met new and old fans from all over the world spreading the word of Satan - powder room that is.

Copies of of the SATAN'S POWDER ROOM and MY BRAIN ESCAPES ME were perused by TODD MACFARLANE ("Spawn") and MATT GROENING ("The Simpsons")

Famed film cartoonist BILL PLYMPTON ("Mutant Aliens" - two hour feature) stopped by to check out our animation.

SELECTED READINGS FROM SATAN'S POWDER ROOM received a very timely and positive review - one of only twelve selected comic books for review in the Comic-Con issue of The Comic Buyers Guide!! ('Reading Room' section - pg. 30).